Month: September 2014

La Market

The mom and I took a little trip to the farmer’s market today, and what a time that was had by all!

10616321_10152713743248428_4951103542993278788_n10628497_10152713694133428_4828765006892211137_n 10616336_10152713694213428_7496464825680635958_n10649963_10152713694033428_1608516371870909394_n 1512456_10152713694003428_22012184836513061_n  10454450_10152713693943428_162937804204158501_n 10665675_10152713694078428_868884791437235587_n7054_10152713694248428_1223280907443831807_nI love the people you meet at markets, always so colorful and passionate about their products. I met a really interesting man today who sold me what could very well be the best raw honey I have ever tried. Orange blossom honey. Orange. Blossom. Honey. And trust, it’s even better than it sounds.

If you have yet to experience the beauty that is a farmer’s market, I highly recommend looking up the local market nearest you and checking out the magic for yourself. There is something so satisfying about knowing exactly where your food is coming from, and knowing it didn’t undergo an arduous, pesticide laden journey to get from the farm to your table. If that isn’t reason enough, fall is looming around the corner, people. We all know that means one thing: fall produce! In my humble opinion there isn’t a season better in the agricultural calendar.

So go to your local farmer’s market, pick yourself up a pumpkin, indulge in some apple cider, and enjoy the beauty that  surrounds you. And If possible, hunt down some orange blossom honey, you’ll be glad you did/sad it hasn’t been in your life until now. 

Allison xx


☽ Nighttime Remedy ☾

So many nights I get into bed feeling restless and uneasy, as if no matter what I do I won’t be able to shut my brain (or my phone…) off long enough to drift to sleep.


Recently I have found an awesome “remedy” which soothes me, and helps me feel at peace once night has fallen.






Bring your kettle to a boil, steep your tea until it reaches your desired strength, combine all of your ingredients and enjoy!

Sweet dreams to all, and to all a good night x